The Dual Track: A Better Way of Learning

 Are Tired Of:

The Current System of Training and Education Result In:

  • Theory that don't work in the real world.
  • Lectures that cure insomnia and classes you can't apply.
  • Experiencing no change in yourself after spending a great deal of time, money and effort
  • Seeing no change — no new skills in others — again wasting scarce money, time and effort 
  • Working your tail off for a GPA — then finding it's not typically correlated with getting a job or your next promotion. In fact, few employers even ask about your GPA — they don't care.

And Open To:

The Dual Track Program Provides For:

  • Practical Theory That Works 
  • Your Own Coach & Instructor 
  • Progress via changes in behavior — not the hours spent keeping the seat warm or filling out the "smile sheet" and attendence roster
  • 24/7 on-line access to content anytime for multiple devices
  • Weekly contact and real conversations with a master teacher
  • Asking questions
  • Getting support if motivation lags
  • Feedback so you know if you’re getting better 
  •  Practical application assignments you can use in the real world
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Engage in a 30-day Cycle Toward Master

Week One  

  • Assess where you are — Know where you want to be
  • Get face-to-face interaction every week Skill Guide
  • Read at your convenience: the material is online
  • Test Yourself so you know you nderstand the theory. 
  • Tailor exercises and practice assignments

Week Two and Three  

• Practice, Practice, Practice: For Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

• Engage in Reflection: A way to learn from experience

• Get tangible Feedback: To accelerate Your Progress

Week Four

  • Continue to practice
  • Look forward and plan what should carry forward done in the future  
  • Look back and focus on lesson learned
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Skill Building On The Dual Track

It's not about grades — it's about mastery

  • Get face time weekly with a Guide — your own mentor & coach who provides feedback and motivation
  • Start anytime your schedule permits. Access the materials online at your convenience. 
  • We use skill-based theory — what's relevant, practical, and what works in the real world of work.

It's the real world skills — what entrepreneurs need and employers covet.

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In fact, according to a 2018 Gallup survey of 32,000 four-year college students, two-thirds of undergraduates are not confident that college will give them the skills or knowledge to succeed at work. 

It appears that there is a great deal of difference between employers perceptions of ready to work and collecge students. according to this article from Inside Higher Education.