The Digital Marketing Curriculum 

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Digital Marketing Creates a More Prosperous Future so you can:

Perform More Meaningful Work

Image by: Dave Braunschweig

Image by: Dave Braunschweig 

It was Viktor Frankl in his book “Man’s Search For Meaning” who spoke of the importance of having something that gives meaning to your life — a reason to keep going when times are bad. 

 If work is not meaningful, there's a void — one that makes you feel unfulfilled, no matter how much money you make. 

Here is one way to adding importance to what you do. But, of course, you should always have a Plan B. 

Enhance a Personal or Corporate Brand

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Trust. The lubricant necessary for any business transaction. That’s essentially what a good brand is all about — creating trust and a positive first impression. 

Today, mass advertising channels have less impact. Now trust is being frequently enhanced through social channels and having a strong personal brand someone identifies with.  

In fact, digital marketing will grow at a robust pace of 11% a year, resulting in 120 billion dollars of ad spend, 46% of the total, according to Forester. 

Generate Significant Revenue

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An investor in stocks would never put all their money into just one. Likewise, having just one income stream is extremely risky. However, you can lower your risk by:  

  • Crowdfunding a product or service,
  • Getting paid for as a consultant or coach, speaker, or author
  • Finding brand sponsors as an influencer,
  • Generating residual income
  • Offering digital products
  • Doing gig work — find high-quality projects — work your side hustle
  • Getting new full or part-time employment  

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Social Media Marketing

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COPYWRITING: Creating Great Content For Multiple Channels

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Tell it with VIDEOS: Creating Brand and Capturing New Business

Full Class | 4 Modules

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Pitch Perfect: The Secrets To Constructing a Dynamite Presentation

Short Course | 1 Module

Enhance CONVERSION To Leads and Revenues

 LINKEDIN FOR BUSINESS: How To Grow Your Business

Full Cass | 6 Modules

Best Practices in CONVERSION: Using Ads and Landing Pages 

Full Class | 6 Modules

Running Cost-Effective EMAIL CAMPAIGNS

Full Class | 4 Modules

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO): How to Get FREE WEBSITE TRAFFIC

Full Class | 6 Modules

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Use What's Free: How to Use PUBLICITY to Access The Media

Full Class | 6 Modules

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