Experience Dual Track Coaching

Learn The Theory

Practice The Skill

Achieve Mastery

  • Sound Online Theory That Works in the Real Word
  • Practice With Your Own Coach & Instructor 

Simply a Better Way To Develop Skills


  • Theory you can’t understand, models that don’t work in the real world, and lectures that cure insomnia
  • Knowledge taught is not applied 
  • Seeing no change in yourselfafter spending much time, money, and effort?
  • Observing no change in others — again wasting money, time, and effort.


  • Get feedback so you know if you’re getting better on practical assignments you can practice in the real world.
  • Measure progress by changes in behavior — not by a grade or an attendance roster
  • Learn work skills desired by employers
  • Focus on practical expertise and skills with the goal of mastery.  
  • Progress via changes in behavior — not the hours spent keeping the seat warm or filling out the "smile sheet" and attendance roster 


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Hot Skills For Organizations & Individuals

Access a Wealth of Modularized Skill-Sets In the Three Major Silos below:




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Managers are abundant.- leaders are scarce. That makes leaders more valuable.  

You don't learn skills by listening to a lecture or watching a slide deck. .

If you are on influencer, you have a business module you can monetize.

In the Information Age, your SUSTAINABLE competitive advantage boils down to how quickly you can learn and adapt. Strange though it may seem, we are expected to be "life-long learners." But the educational system doesn't bother to teach you how to learn either expertise or skills. You are just expected to know.

Bio: Murray Johannsen

Your Executive Coach

The Reason I Got Interested in Skill Building

A Sample Mastery Practice

Hi there! I'm Murray Johannsen, founder of Legacee and the Legacee Academy.

My journey into this field was sparked by the realization that our educational system often fails to teach us how to learn and master skills (see My Great Awkening).

And yet, these are the very capabilities that organizations are eagerly seeking. This led me down the path of creating a system that fills this gap.

It's built on foundation of a B.S. in Pharmacy and a MBA from the University of Iowa, along with an M.A. in Psychology from Harvard University,

So I feel well-equipped to develop engaging and impactful content for a series of online full-classes and short courses for teaching and coaching.

And the best part? I'm constantly learning too, testing these programs by teaching them myself.

As an adjunct professor, I specialize in more conventional but highly vital subjects like:

— Digital marketing,

— Entrepreneurship,

— Psychology, and of course

— Leadership.

My approach is driven by my belief that our education system should teach us more about learning and skill mastery - critical areas that organizations actively seek.

In my many years of experience, I've had the privilege of training and coaching a diverse range of individuals, from managers and executives to employees in transformational philosophies such as Total Quality Management.

I'm passionate about turning potential into proficiency.

So, if you're looking for a coach with a wealth of practical and academic experience, coupled with a passion for transforming potential into mastery, do connect.

Let's explore how we can work together to help you thrive in your entrepreneurial or executive journey.

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