Digital Marketing Internships: Online & Part-Time 

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The Enterprise Track: Developing as a Digital Marketing Specialist

Paradoxically, b-schools don't really teach digital marketing. For example, one of our interns reported that only 3 credits out of about 130 were dedicated to a mandatory course in digital marketing. That's 3 out of 130, or about 2 percent of her investment in education. And many b-schools don't even have a single course in digital marketing.

Digital is where the jobs are. The ad spend is shifting away from traditional marketing methods. And recruitors say job growth is positive.

This program deep dives into digital marketing specialties that are more than just a squeeze page fueled by pay-per-click ads. We draw on the expertise of individuals who excel at digital marketing. Plus the internship gives you the abilty to apply what you know while being coached and mentored.

 Image by: Jason Howie

 Image by: Jason Howie

This course of learning assumes you will work or are working for a business needing: 

Search engine optimization and lead conversion,  

eMail marketing campaigns and lead funnel optimization,  

Content management and copywriting, and  

Branding and lead generation using social media channels

It's designed to increase your expertise — specialty by specialty.

Why Focus on a Digital Marketing Internship You Might Ask? 

  • First, all business models require marketing. 
  • Second, marketing without digital marketing is not going to work in the 21st Century. 
  • Third, we rarely find college students competent in digital marketing skill-sets.
  • You can’t learn digital marketing just from reading a book and sitting in a class.

Dig Deeper: There's Good Jobs in Digital Marketing

Discover: Digital Marketing Salaries Time to smile; salaries are pretty good. And there is a fair amount of work out there. What's not to like?

Access: Hot Marketing Skills. Can you do these things? Can your employees? 

Cultivate Digital Marketing Expertise and Skills Employers' Covet  

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Available Digital Marketing Specialties 

Each internship has a particular focus — a speciality area. Currently, there are six of these. That includes a learning and application component.

Specialty Areas


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Video Scripting & Editing

Video is hot because of it's ability to increase conversions. Got to learn it.

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Social Media Marketing 


Individuals are spending more time on social media than watching television. 

Increasingly, this is the channel one must master for both lead generation, internships, and jobs.

Website SEO

Websites are still the foundation to successful ecommerce in the digital age.

Email Marketing

eMail is still one of the most important methods of generating return on investment.


Don't write boring — like when writing a scholarly research paper — for you will not long last in digital marketing. 

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Engage in A Better Way of Learning

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 Not because you have to fulfill another requirement to get your degree. 


You actually talk to your instructor — you are not a nameless face stuck in a large lecture hall. 


Your coach — your MASTER INSTRUCTOR functions as a mentor and coach to develop expertise and build skills. 

Work From Novice Toward Mastery

By Applying The Legacee Skill Building Model

Get The Theory Down. A skill always has a foundation theory that one must learn first. Take the on-line class.

Practice. Nothing practiced once is ever mastered. Get good by doing requiries doing more than once. 

Copyright Murray Johannsen

Motivation. This is the secret sauce of success that comes from you. 

Feedback. It's still the brekfast of champions. And it teaches us what we must do to get better.

How To Get OnBoard

"The first step of any journey is to know what your destination is. Then you figure out how to get there." — M. Johannsen

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1. Decide That You Want To Go Forward. 

Set-up a Free Consultation

2. Input your background information. 

3. Sign The Paperwork. The paperwork symbolizes our expectations and resposibilties to each other. Currently this includes items such as an: NDA, works for hire, set of Ground Rules, and so on. 

4. Complete and return two marketing assessments: one on digital marketing and the other on marketing concepts. Discuss goals and objectives.

5. Begin the Program. 


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Is it a paid internship?  

No. We don't pay salary but you pay nothing for the digital marketing courses. You get access to online courses that run between $350 and $1950 and a master instructor who acts as a coach. This is a win-win. You benefit since the coursework is free and receive valuable experience. We benefit since you apply what you know on Legacee and the Legacee Academy websites, social media channels, etc.

What Makes This Unique? 

First, content. Second, coaching. The online digital marketing content is extensive — 15 short courses and Full Classes. We aim to apply knowledge as quickly as we can. We believe that expertise not soon applied is soon lost. If you think about it, it’s what we use again and again that we retain. Each module has assignments to be completed for you to pass through to the next one. Failure to do the assignment means you would stay with it until it gets done right.  

Besides content, what else makes the internship valuable?

A key element of the value of this digital marketing internship is real world application.  

How much time is required a week?

The Learning Phase which includes the course and exercises will typically take between 8 and 10 hours. The Application Phase (which occurs after the class) requiries between 4 and 5 hours a week.  

How many weeks?

We work in three-month cycles — one online course, one cycle of practice.

How long does It take to get good at digital marking?  

Developing depth of expertise takes years. But after three months, you can confidently stare into a recruiter’s eyes and say, "I'm good at it and worth what I'm asking for."

Do I have a choice of my specialty?

We ask that you choose three possible since we have a limited number of training slots. We do our best to give you your first choice, but this is not always possible.  

When Can I Get Started?  

You can apply any time. However, we commonly start internships in January, April, July and October.

Why It Makes Sense 

It pays to get work in your chosen field. 99% of employers are small businesses — they are loath to pay you full salary to teach you what the university didn't. 

According to McKinsie, only 42% of employers think the university adequately prepares college students for work. 

Employers want people who can produce results, not good grades. See: Google HR Boss Explains Why GPA and Most Interviews are Worthless 

Access: Hot Marketing Skills. Can you do these things? Can your employees?  

See: This one thing will increase your income by 20K. CNBC: To get a bigger paycheck after college, start working now

B-schools Don't Really Teach Digital Marketing. As the article points out, "Alas, our academic institutions don't seem to have noticed this increasing cry for people with digital marketing as their primary skill or specialisation."  

Count on it, the disconnect between what universities teach and what corporations want will continue. See: Are Colleges Preparing Students for the Work Force?  

According to CNBC, in an article titled, "College Students Who Hold a Job End Up With Higher Paychecks Later," 

To prosper this century you have to develop expertise and skills you can’t learn in the universities. See: 15 Reasons Colleges Will be Obsolete  

Why digital marketing is crucial no matter what size of your business: 13 Reasons  

See: 2018 Gallup Poll: Crisis of Confidence: Current College Students Do Not Feel Prepared for the Workforce  

A Final Word

Few American b-schools offer the courses students need to get digital marketing jobs without work or internships.

"I remember a business chair saying that he wanted good jobs for students; but then he refused to offer a class on digital marketing. At first I thought this was an outlier. But then I realized it is the norm." M. Johannsen, Legacee's Founder, personal story.