The Mastery Practices

Accelerate Success: Perfect the Skills To Build Skills 

What Are The Mastery Practices?

These Mental Skills Dramatically Shorten Your Journey from Novice to Expert

  • Reflection. Reflection transforms practice and experience into valuable insights that fuel your learning journey.".
  • Visualization: Can you really achieve it if you can't visualize it?" Learn how to enhance the power of mental rehearsal.
  • Meditation. Meditation amplifies your visualization and self-talk practices, pivotal tools in the path to mastery 
  • Self-Talk. The voice in your head is ever-present, and it can be your greatest ally or obstacle in achievement.
  • Mindfulness. Mindfulness sharpens attention. — paving the way for greater achievement.

Mastery Gives You a Personal Sustained Competitive Advantage

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This concentration consists of 4 Full Classes, one Short Course, and a choice of work skills. All programs are offered online for convenience and ease of access.


Unlock Mental Edge.

Core| 4 Modules

The mind is a tool, and like any tool, it becomes more effective when fine-tuned.

Meditation is a technique with so many benefits — a major one being reducing stress.

But it also elevates and enhances the mental practices like visualization and self-talk.

Experience heightened focus and mental clarity, enhancing your journey to mastery.

It is one of the best tools we have to change the “software” running in the mind.

Click below to unlock the power of Meditation. Make your mind your greatest ally in your pursuit of success.


The Voice of Progress or Peril

Core | 4 Modules

The most delightful and damming conversations are the ones we have with ourselves.

Controlling thought serves as the foundation for all great success.

This self-talk program guides you in steering these inner dialogues towards success.

For your self-talk serves as the basis for your mental programming since your thoughts will influence the unconscious.

Transform your self-talk into a powerful motivational force, bolstering your journey to mastery.

Let your inner voice lead you to greater heights. Click below to master the art of Self-Talk.


Seeing is Achieving.

Core | 4 Module

"You face a stark choice. You can stand still in the middle of the road of life; but you'll get run over.”Murray Johannsen

Achieving your dreams starts with visualizing them, and we provide you with the tools to do it right.

For mental practice was shown time and time again to be equally effective compared with physical practice.

This visualization program empowers you to mentally rehearse your success, strengthening your resolve and enhancing performance.

By visualizing your goals, you pave a clear path towards them.

Bring your visions to life, and click below to take the first step.

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Examine a Course Description on SELF-TALK


Harness the Power of Practice & Experience

1 Module

In the ever-accelerating world, we often miss the lessons hidden within our experiences.

And we miss what we are doing right and we can be doing better.

Reflection allows you to learn from both practice and experience.

Those who master reflection won’t make the same mistake twice, and you can even learn from other people’s mistakes.

But with this program, you can harness the power of Reflection to extract valuable insights from every endeavor. Turn each experience into a stepping-stone towards your success, ensuring every moment counts towards your journey from novice to expert.

Don't let the hard learns learned contained in your mistakes slip away. Click below and seize the power of Reflection.


The Practice of Focusing Attention

Elective | 4 Modules

In a world filled with distractions, the ability to focus can set you apart.

Our Mindfulness program hones your attention, magnifying your learning and performance.

For the control of attention is essential to learning and unlearning.

Achieve more by living in the present moment and concentrating your attention on your practice.

By minimizing distraction you improve your ability to practice effectively.

Awaken your potential with mindfulness. Click below to begin your journey.

Invest in The Future By Skills Training Today

Option 1:

Dual Track Coaching For Executives High Potentials 

Image by: Image by: Yinan Chen

Empower your learning journey with your Guide – a dedicated mentor committed to accelerating your transition from novice to mastery.

Our focused approach targets one distinct skill for a 30-day period. You dedicate the first week to grasping the concepts, followed by three weeks of intensive practice. The objective? To transform this skill into a habit – ingrained, polished, and mastered.

The beauty of our approach lies in its flexibility. You can choose from any of our short courses or full class modules, ensuring that your learning path aligns perfectly with your individual needs and goals.

Embark on the journey to mastery with Dual Track Coaching.

Harness the power of dedicated, personalized coach, and watch as skills flourish.

Ready to take the leap? Click to discover more.

Option 2: Bring a Material and Training Inside Your Organization

Contact Us For More Information

Considering bringing training in-house? Want to enrich your team with valuable knowledge and skills?

Our program is flexible to meet your needs. It can be offered as a complete package or deconstructed into specific modules tailored for the coaching of executives and high-potential individuals.

Each module is a standalone unit, equipped with comprehensive readings, practical exercises, engaging assignments, instructional videos, and clear learning objectives.

For organizations with a small cohort, we provide expert instructors and coaches to facilitate the training. If you're looking to train a larger team, we offer a 'train the trainer' model, supplying both the content and the training to your in-house trainers.

This model not only ensures that the material stays current but also allows for customization to align with your organization's unique needs and goals.

Invest in your team's development today and reap the benefits of enhanced productivity, increased morale, and stronger alignment with your organizational goals.

Click to find out more.

Option 3: Take an Online Class With a Cohort of Achievers

5 Mastery Practices

This is an ideal choice for organizations keen on fostering group learning, guided by an industry-expert instructor.

Tailored to your focus, our program provides flexibility. If your aim is to quickly develop expertise, we recommend engaging with one module per week. However, if you're targeting more intensive skill-building, a pace of one module every two weeks allows for a deeper dive.

Each cycle includes a week dedicated to understanding the material, followed by a week of intensive practical application. This rhythm ensures a balance of theory and practice, enriching the learning experience with both constructive feedback and thoughtful reflection.

Invest in this journey to transform your team's capabilities, boosting performance and creating a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Ready to elevate your team's potential? Click to explore more

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Bio: Murray Johannsen

Your Concentration Designer and Lead Instructor

Strange though it may seem, we are expected to be life-long learners. But we were never taught how to learn. This was driven home with two pivotal experiences — ultimately led to drilling down into skill mastery.

Murray Johannsen is the president and founder of Legacee and the Legacee Academy where he coaches and teaches executives and entrepreneurs how to master the must have work skills they need to thrive in the 21st century.

Murray has developed and continues to develop content for a suite of online full-classes and short courses and continues to test them by teaching them.

Murray is also an adjunct professor specializing in digital marketing, digital entrepreneurship, skill mastery, and leadership skills — all desirable skill-sets not typically taught by most universities.

He has an B.S. in Pharmacy and MBA from the University of Iowa and a M. A. in Psychology from Harvard University.

He was inspired to choose this path when he discovered that the educational system does not teach us how to learn and master skills.

And yet, this is what organizations are crying for.

He has many years of practical training and coaching of managers, executives, and employees in adapting the transformational philosophy of Total Quality Management